About Strateda

The capitains of the future

When asked the simple yet crucial question of what are the most important things that constitute a forward-looking company, four things came to mind: strategy, data, experimentation, and speed in the form of rapid adaptation. Combining the two English terms, Strategy and Data, the neologism Strateda also gave birth to a new company.

Under this blunt and promising name, our intention is not only to prepare companies for the upcoming rapid changes, but also to make them into leaders of the new era. To accomplish this, we challenge the status quo every time and are not afraid to develop experimental approaches and take risks.

Strateda Codex

We stand behind these four pillars.


In everything we do, we have the future in mind. What worked yesterday does not have to work tomorrow.

continuous development

Radical continuous further development is what distinguishes us. Whoever stands still has already lost.


The development, evaluation, and implementation of innovative ideas and concepts is our strength.


Quality before quantity is our motto and accompanies us in everything we do.